The wrong trends of Globalization!

I have come across this epic realization!
Where people are very easily fooled!

Let get to the point..
You have to take the information and education part of the Western Culture!
And social part of Indian Culture!

What people do!
Take the social part of Western Culture!
Information is still 0 only subject to context where u can be a topper in your school but won’t have your OWN yes OWN opinions!
Firstly u have to have info to have opinions!


Yes people might say..
Social part of Indian culture.. u mean religion beliefs marriage? Cmon what!
Let me clear.. girls hanging out with guys.. is looked down by uneducated literates!
The educated and real Masters of say Sanskrit Marathi Hindi literature culture.. would never do that!

It’s the poor information technology India had.. which has to be taken from West! And not have a biased opinion on Indian culture!


Well let’s actually get our minds into west and HAVE PERSPECTIVES..
the foreigners have knowledge.. they know how to use the tech.. but but why are so many people inclined to Indian culture.. because it is that rich Rich RICH! YEA!
they have value for Indian culture and social beliefs of marriage festivals traditions!


India is westernizing in a wrong sense!
Very subtle oh no obvious example is when people believe about Sunny Leone!
And what She believes!


People are really lost!

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