The Alternate Reality for Feeling Strong!

This blog is based on mythology.
It is based on beliefs perspectives!
A knowledgeable a very matured perspective!
Though I won’t leave the grounds of surrealism!


Let’s get down to terms firstly
Brahma- Creator
Vishnu – sustainer
Shiva – destroyer
Goddesses – nature

Here is a link which inspired me –

(Brackets are my addition) u might read brackets if u see the video and further info will be marked

Vedas and purans are written on basis of deep thinking!
It was a primary question! Who came first.. was it nature or was it the mind!
Nature came first.. Nature created itself..

Later came the mind.. which tried to tame the nature… Forming Culture!

Anciently what existed was Pralaya!
(Which we find ourselves in quite a lot of time) it was in the form of Violent ocean waves and only that existed!
(waves are also believed to be Shakti on a peaceful ocean mind)

Vishnu slept on serpants on this Pralaya!
Who is in the form of Narayana (an unawakened mind)
While Vishnu – Awakened mind

There were two asuras from Vishnus ear wax and tried to create havoc.. which was destroyed by the goddess.. all this was seen by Brahma who was formed from Vishnus nabhi!


The video thus portrays nature or goddess according to his perspective!
Knowing that he has heads which see things all around!
Saraswati is knowledge but u know how knowledge can be sometimes wrongly perceived by Brahma (creator of thought)

The REALITY for every Individual is different!
And Hindu Culture ACKNOWLEDGES it and opines it to be perfectly fine!

*Very Very Imp*
Let’s see Our mind and Nature!
Our Mind perceives Nature from one perspective.. (Brahma!)
It quite starts becoming our Reality! (Vishnu is born)
But we usually do not like how things turn out to be (Shiva destroys the reality)
U become indifferent to reality!

This is till the time Nature or Universal Reality really appeals to you!
Shakti appeals to Shiva to break his indifference as she does not like Brahmas Gaze!
Thus again Vishnu is born!

The cycle of Mind! Your personal Cosmos!

Let’s acknowledge Vishnu! (Usually written as namaskar!)
Vishnu is a fully awakened mind who understands the insecurity of Brahma as well as Knows the importance of Shiva!

But Vishnu decides to stick to the reality! And create Order! And bring prosperity!
In the episode of Pralaya.. Vishnu creates Order to bring Prosperity!
Vishnu also ACKNOWLEDGES THE GODDESS.. in her Real form!

In terms of frequencies..
Vishnu is a series of frequencies which form a song which is ordered!
While Brahma is an easily influenced frequency and changes reality..
While Shiva is a straight line.. not dead but frequency of light which is perceived as a straight line and is indifferent of Reality!

It is quite easy to look at your present state of mind with this aspect!
And acknowledge your Vishnu and know your Brahma and Shiva!

Usually what people do!
They are stuck into the reality of Jobs and routine!
They are bringing prosperity but it’s not their Vishnu.. its someone else’s Perspective!
They end up being stuck in someone elses perspective and never get to create their own realities!

It is important to acknowledge the Reality in it’s true form!
Not from being in another parallel reality.. as it will be very easier to look then

But from staying in the Pralaya! And bringing in Order!





BECAUSE this new Goddess Brahma created out of himself is his daughter and it’s not right to have a gaze on your own daughter… Which is actually SYMBOLICAL of our Conscience constantly bothering us to not go On that path which seems perfect but is quite Unreal!
IRRESPECTIVE PEOPLE TO GATHER STRength to be Stuck in Vishnu forms of Company CEOs! Or indirectly..
Are stuck into this alternate Reality to Seek Pleasure!



And be Awakened!
This will Give You the Peace Which U longed For!
To Acknowledge The Goddess in her Real Form! And Avoid Your Brahma (VERY IMPORTANT to Destroy his 5th Head and Leave the Alternate Reality)
Shiva is absolutely Nothingness And Not a Fake reality for FEELING STRONG!
SHIVA WILL GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH without a doubt if it is right!
Shiva never leaves the Pralaya!
And he stays in the Fiercest of Nature When No Human Can Survive! Everything Freezes but it is still in the situation!

Brahma will continuously look for Alternate Realities and awaken your Shiva! Till the Conscious Mind exists!

Nothingness Is not that Easy! And inhuman freezing conditions is not a joke to be followed by every dude out there!

Withdrawal.. from a race to balance dealing with the world!

This temptation lust tharak… Thinking about sex every moment.. with everyone.. Sex on the mind!
With such frequency.. u forget to connect to yourself…
Everything u were.. everything u aspired.. every pain u face.. every person u connected with.. it will slowly fabricate everything… All your senses! Like cocaine or the whitener sniffing!

Adds up to this is your Job time.. where u already have prior commitments.. when do u get time! To connect with yourself!
When u never connected with yourself.. how would u connect to the opposite person!


Rejections! Dealing with rejections!
When u have been rejected all your life… But this sport offers u hotter people to spend your time with which never happened when u were yourself..
The fact u need to know is.. even if u have the opposite person.. u won’t literally have them for yourself! U still don’t overcome rejection!
What better way is there to live than connecting in and out with the opposite person! Just matching the frequencies and understanding your person through and through!
Well someone sniffing cocaine would say what better way is there to live other than what he does..!
Spending your life in an addiction without feeling anything!…


Reality is crap! I am barely gonna make it back into Surreal world.. and define the reality for myself! A world of dreams!
When u enter reality.. u face reality it’s all about survival.. making u prone to follow the reality.. follow the crowd! And not define things for yourself!
Live in another dimension! A parallel universe.. a universe of your own!
Because you matter! Your existence changes reality! Rather than reality changing your existence!
It would be hard when u get out of your cocoon! But the cocoon is important to define yourself! To define things you cherish!
When u decide to enter the Real in a common shared cocoon! U’ll gradually have to switch to things the world cherishes!
Money showing off and more!
Be conscious about what zone u are in! And what zone u want to be in.. what zone defines you!!
You’ll probably find enough people understanding you..! You don’t have to get out there in a cocoon where majority of people lie in! Which can be tagged as REALITY!
Well it’s not reality! It’s just another cocoon of things!
Yeah I’m switching definitions here! But we’ll u understand.. I write as I feel!
Good for me I have started feeling again!

Well this blog is one thing I’d know when I feel things and when I don’t!
In a race to balance dealing with the world and your world! (Which is not a race at all)

PS.. It was an amazing adventure to step into this ‘Real’ cocoon which is just cocoon shared by some! Glad I’m still conscious!
People just loose themselves in this cocoon!
It’s a great way to deal with things but by loosing your identity!

Unmet Love

A: Jon is loosing his mind very quick
[5/11, 2:11 AM] : He’s definitely not gonna get attached to anyone
[5/11, 2:11 AM] : Don’t tell him this


B: Like now on tinder or forever?
[5/11, 2:19 AM] : He doesn’t want also na

A: For a long time
[5/11, 2:26 AM] : He subconsciously felt good
[5/11, 2:26 AM] : Feel
[5/11, 2:27 AM] : And then he met me
[5/11, 2:27 AM] : And spoke
[5/11, 2:27 AM] : Then he subconsciously started feeling good


B: It is addictive n depressing
[5/11, 2:27 AM] : I guess

[5/11, 2:27 AM] A: That’s y he is calling people to meet
[5/11, 2:27 AM] : 😓


[5/11, 2:27 AM] B: I know many in this tinder shit
[5/11, 2:27 AM] : 😓


[5/11, 2:28 AM] A: I told you he’s gonna hurt himself and there’s some problem.. when u said he called u to meet
[5/11, 2:28 AM] : I was spot on


[5/11, 2:29 AM] A: I came to know now
[5/11, 2:29 AM] : Was never in touch with such people


[5/11, 2:29 AM] B: 🤭🙊🙈
[5/11, 2:29 AM] : Don’t judge ya
[5/11, 2:30 AM] : It happens
[5/11, 2:30 AM] : Playboy he has become
[5/11, 2:30 AM] : It’s usual cz of unmet emotional needs I think
[5/11, 2:31 AM] : Ppl land up being on tinder n cheat gfs
[5/11, 2:31 AM] : If committed


[5/11, 2:31 AM] B: Yeah unmet love
[5/11, 2:31 AM] : From friends family too
[5/11, 2:32 AM] : True
[5/11, 2:32 AM] : Co-orporate life
[5/11, 2:32 AM] : Colleges like us
[5/11, 2:32 AM] : U can trust a person and they become bff groups and so much more..
[5/11, 2:32 AM] : Can’t*
[5/11, 2:33 AM] : Better line would be when everyone’s an asshole
[5/11, 2:33 AM] : I was shocked!
[5/11, 2:34 AM] : We were doing our thing!
Like not gay thing.. like just a pat on back
And he withdrew! Withdrew like fuck.. telling me tu bohot tension leta Hai sign of aggression


[5/11, 2:38 AM] B: Hmm
[5/11, 2:38 AM] : I told u


[5/11, 2:39 AM] A: U know what.. that Gopal swimming dude
[5/11, 2:39 AM] : Who slept with chicks


[5/11, 2:39 AM] B: Physical is addictive


[5/11, 2:39 AM] A: Yea
[5/11, 2:39 AM] : That asshole
[5/11, 2:39 AM] : My friend a good friend..
[5/11, 2:39 AM] : So he told Gopal
[5/11, 2:40 AM] : Kay sex Kelli tar Tula vatata khup kela
[5/11, 2:40 AM] : Like do u think sex Kiya to u did a great job
[5/11, 2:40 AM] A: So he fucking got aggressionn

[5/11, 2:41 AM] A : And then loky tells me see.. if u laugh at them..
[5/11, 2:41 AM] : They get aggravated
[5/11, 2:41 AM]: They can’t tolerate it


[5/11, 2:42 AM] B: Soch mat

[5/11, 2:42 AM] A: Yeahh
[5/11, 2:42 AM] B Let him live his way

[5/11, 2:42 AM] A: No why
[5/11, 2:42 AM] : I had to

[5/11, 2:42 AM] B: Comon
[5/11, 2:42 AM] : Shhhhhh


[5/11, 2:43 AM] A: It troubled my curiosity
[5/11, 2:43 AM] : To solve things


[5/11, 2:43 AM]B: Soja


[5/11, 2:43 AM] A: Since ages


[5/11, 2:43 AM] B: Ahhhhhhhhhhh

[5/11, 2:43 AM] A: Was killing my brains
[5/11, 2:43 AM] Why couldn’t I uunderstand
[5/11, 2:43 AM] : Okayy


[5/11, 2:43 AM] B: Did u understand abhi?
[5/11, 2:44 AM] : 🤔
[5/11, 2:44 AM] : Everyone’s a mess
[5/11, 2:44 AM] : 😓
[5/11, 2:45 AM] : In their own life re
[5/11, 2:45 AM] : We dont know what someone’s going through
[5/11, 2:45 AM] : Soo
[5/11, 2:45 AM] : Let’s not judge
[5/11, 2:45 AM] : He will eventually realize



So above mentioned are signs and symptoms of the disease..

There is a diagnostic test

Well the treatment is Don’t be an asshole and treat people like shit! And okay situations happened to you.. if you loose being attached to someone and loosing your patience! You may not ever get attached!!


Prophylactic for me.. well I always blew girls off because when I tried to attach they just withdrew!   Solves the puzzle in my mind! I’m so geek happy.. damnnnn !


Please get attached!! Please! It’s beautiful even u know.. u fall into potholes just ask your partner where did u go wrong!

And grow up! That simple!

Don’t just stuff your subconscious!

I’m glad I’m in a great field where I have to rack my brains a 100 times tear them apart and pass exams.. where I clear my subconscious every time or maybe not assholes are around u like bacterias! Omnifreaking present!

Medschool is absolute crappiest if not good for u u met people and managed to stay attached!


When u loose your attachment and don’t recover! Just ask your attachment where did u go wrong!

She’ll answer u! Just grow up!


My life puzzle is solved here! Insane!!

My little horror ride!


I might not have that flow of thoughts here..
I was really sleepy and cudnt pen it down the other day…


But let’s go..
This night.. a dark night with a sidelamp switched on in my bedroom.. I suddenly feel insecured.. as I see someone sitting on the bean bag just besides watching me and smiling (cunningly)

I look at him and make ignore.. then get some guts and face him.. but no..
Then I think if my parents were around.. would I be scared.. No..
I’d have the positive Love around me.. the Light in the darkness which illuminated things around..

Yes I can face him with this.. he goes back with this light…

I see myself with this light from my parents.. my friends and close ones.. and it really becomes so much.. and I’m surrounded from all sides with no shadows to scare me!

But suddenly I remember the times when I struggle alone far from home.. with the darkness around.. even in a well lit room…
I see myself feeling insecured..

I see groups of people living there.. and I wonder do they feel the same way with each other.. like I do at home…
And it’s a no!
These are the people who stay together in the dark.. there are times when some give light to others and times when they get light from others.. they are not secured.. but they have developed this for the dark…!

I look back at myself in the dark with no light around at the moment and think of the billion living things which make my world.. oh my cells.. and we illuminate simultaneously..
Be your own hero! Take care of yourselves!
And others!
You have the ability to do it!


Imagine the love and light to be just electromagnetic waves.. which resonate from the billion cells of the other person to u and illuminate your life!
Give it back to the world! 😊

Dealing with people on regular basis


Sometimes u have to be the person who’s rude and make yourself not vulnerable to things and people…
Avoid influence…!

Sometimes be rude to the genuine people considering them to be fake.. and sweet to the fake…

I wish I could help!
But mene abtak theka liya Tha..
Ab toh nai liya.. not anymore..

U have to be aware of the world around and not stay in a lovey dovey nest and pay attention to things in your curriculum..
You can do bank jobs and sell policies but don’t know where money comes from!

Be a little aware of the world!
And get out of the cocoon!

For then Love the innocent Love may not happen to u.. but well take the chances..
You will have your opinions and differences..

Make sure u understand and not judge!
Understanding comes from knowledge and spoken things.. while judgements come visual things..
Yea? No it can be misleading!
Where u get to hear perfectly perfect things which make u skip a beat..
And u know what goes ahead…


I don’t know what do u do eventually.. I’d like to hear from u girls n guys…

For me here.. I’m gonna be straightforward and rude and I’m gonna think a 100 times.. because that’s how my mind reasons stuff out.. what do u get out of me?
Money, peace, a smile well go ahead have it!

For me the world is open to explore.. striking a balance between attachment and detachment is the key…
I usually might climb the Everest of attachment and get my wingsuit and take a dive in the valleys!
But I’d always have my conscience (I just read ‘Dharma ‘ righteousness is your conscience) so I’d have my conscience there at every point of time!
Weather I scuba dive the deepest of oceans or meditate for spirituality!

Well I hope u were with me through the blog while we explored so many things from relationships to the world.. like this Voldemort and Harry Potter fight while flying!
I just mean hope u guys followed.. thank you!

Your ‘child mind’

Your child mind..
The beautiful child mind…

The primitive mind.. oh no.. the mind at a primitive stage of development!

Just look into it.. deep down before it was developed by the society mouldings (good or bad)
An established psychological truth where incidences in childhood can have a deep impact on the way u think.. or circuits being formed..!

But let us look at it this way..
A beautiful childs mind.. fresh.. eager.. it laughs just not with sound and mouth but with entire body vibrating.. moving..

U might have different goals when u reach an adult stage..
But deep down u still have those child goals!
When video games were fun.. and now Elon Musk is cool!
Or when u were influenced by music and u turned out so now!

There can be traits imposed on this beautiful mind..
Some things it didn’t had to witness… Or it did not have enough information to understand these things can be dangerous..!
Going back if u want to remove these traits to your child mind deep down…
Re-witnessing the incident back then with the information u have now…
It can be much beautiful!
It’s hard to get it sorted ofcourse.. because those are the core things u remember deepest down in your mind!!!

But to Understand is always beautiful!

These deep temptations u get from your child minds! I know they are irresistible but u gotta mend them if they mess with things!

Having enough knowledge to understand is the key!

And so can infinite parenting lectures be based on these things!

Gotta keep these short! Out of time! 😌


This is a very special edition to this after I’m out of time!

Girls out there most of them have a parental talk about periods and more at a quite early age!

Also there’s more parental talk.. guys usually not being very talkative people.. and parents find it more comforting right here in India to talk to girls about sexuality!

On the contrary guys mostly get information from their peers.. and even if sex education is included as a subject it’s hard they actually make sense and not pass comments under peer pressure!

This objectifying can only be killed by knowledge at an early stage or or or Going back to the childs mind and analysing the deepest memories which give a wrong BELIEF!

Thank you!

The wrong trends of Globalization!

I have come across this epic realization!
Where people are very easily fooled!

Let get to the point..
You have to take the information and education part of the Western Culture!
And social part of Indian Culture!

What people do!
Take the social part of Western Culture!
Information is still 0 only subject to context where u can be a topper in your school but won’t have your OWN yes OWN opinions!
Firstly u have to have info to have opinions!


Yes people might say..
Social part of Indian culture.. u mean religion beliefs marriage? Cmon what!
Let me clear.. girls hanging out with guys.. is looked down by uneducated literates!
The educated and real Masters of say Sanskrit Marathi Hindi literature culture.. would never do that!

It’s the poor information technology India had.. which has to be taken from West! And not have a biased opinion on Indian culture!


Well let’s actually get our minds into west and HAVE PERSPECTIVES..
the foreigners have knowledge.. they know how to use the tech.. but but why are so many people inclined to Indian culture.. because it is that rich Rich RICH! YEA!
they have value for Indian culture and social beliefs of marriage festivals traditions!


India is westernizing in a wrong sense!
Very subtle oh no obvious example is when people believe about Sunny Leone!
And what She believes!


People are really lost!

A story while writing my Tinder Bio!

So I wasted this evening thinking.. How the fuck do I get girls on tinder?
Not that I don’t.. I do then I talk to them.. get to know them..
I do find some of them interesting and match my mental social standards..
But I fail to meet because I’m lazy and I got no time to spare 😝

Well then the Spark goes off! Psshh!
It’s not fun after 3 weeks telling them hey do u remember we decided to meet 😂😂
And even after meeting we won’t share the same spark to know each other!
The anxiousness is gone! Psshhh!
(No I don’t mean to tell u about the sound when I pee!)

So I decide no man! It’s okay to write -‘you are on tinder for hook ups’
It’s okay to let that image or skirt covering your image slip that much!
Yes on tinder it’s fine! U won’t be judged!

And there I leave my sharam haya and come down to survival 😂😂
I tend to do this a lot these days

Well writing down..
“I’m here to hookup..
Or meet random people over coffee
Or better meet random people over drinks!

Not just waste my time here chatting and convincing I’m alright to hangout with!”

Yeah absolutely I’m interested in meeting people over coffee or drinks but maybe I won’t take that many efforts or take out time… ‘Reality checks’

Then I think will the girls actually respect someone who writes it down straight forward!
Testing my limits.. “oh Yea I’m one of the good guys.. and I love to act sweet and sincere.. and I do have a conscience and treat women with respect and chivalry”
But wait!
If I write that thing down will someone respect my thoughts..

Let’s see the analysis on that

Maybe yes.. writing that I’ll enter into a zone of people to hookup.. and the first thing a girl would look for is why him?
Will he take me to a 5 star and pour some champagne on me? 😁
Sounds good right? 😁😁
What is different about this guy??

Insane level of competition u see!


Well most of the girls won’t appreciate someone who writes Wana hook up in bio.. even if they do.. they might not be comfortable with the thought…

Now I write.. ‘ here to find Love’
what do u guys think?
Have I hit my lottery ticket in the casino? 😁😁
I’m like 80% sure that it’s an era where u do wanna hook up very badly…
But doing that after ‘talking like sweetu babu’ and calling the dude your boyfriend.. it may not matter if that guy cheats on u or double dates u unknowingly!
But then this is Lit!

The Irfan Khan meme, where
Hookups – nooo
Boyfriend – woww yeaaa!

Well I haven’t implemented the above comparison…

But I trust India so much…
That on basis of survival…
There are guys who went from…
A good guy respecting women –> fine I need to get this image out and type I’m here for hookups –> someone just lying he needs Love!!

I absolutely trust this survival shit!
No disrespect and offence to anyone! Peace!

Vague thoughts flowing through Psychology Neurology Philosophy spirituality!

There’s always a reason behind everything
There’s always a reason behind why u decide to do this over that

A well known experiment is where the dog salivates when the bell is rung…
This is still a short term phenomenon..
Over the time it’s a circuit formed in the brain….

U call it training in a civilized professional society..
The army guy ducks when he here’s a shot..
The doctor processes easily even when u wake him up at 4.. or for that matter when he is at a party and has an occasional drink..

These u may call as newer circuits…

There are circuits deep down in your brain..
Formed unknowingly.. without u being registering for the training…

These are formed way back in your childhood.. and u may not even remember them.. or know u have these…

These create your thought processes..


Let’s add a Generation Gap topic into this…

This guy was brought up in a place which was in a commercial zone.. my family stayed alone in my building..
He did not have any friends..
He ofcourse had a great family.. but ofcourse with working parents.. he stayed with grandparents..

He had his video games to play with.. which got him hooked during he childhood..

He had some friends in school.. he went to their houses sometimes..
He befriended their friends.. and then a time comes when everyone gets busy..
He is sad.. but there’s nothing much he can do..
He goes to someone else’s place in the matter of classes and school.. he befriends people and it all ends again..

He has been very good friends with the commercial shop owners who are grown up men.. and as a chubby kid and owner of locality they pamper him..
But he has no idea why.. he just loves the people.. he has no idea about how same aged people can compete.. or how to exist when u do not get everyone acting nice to you..

Well ofcourse he doesn’t have convincing skills.. he never needed them..

Coming to Generation Gap..
Video games and things being the dearest things and creating a Reward Pathway in the brain over People.. unknowingly..
Can very rarely lead to valuing people..

The guy in the story definitely valued friends.. but it came as a very different definition.. and without the sharps of it..


Coming to another story.. where the guy belongs to a poor family with lot of siblings.. who plays on the street.. and spend most of the time playing sports…
It may not be with the same people or place all the time… But sports becoming the primary thing in his life…
Leads to a crazy circuit altogether..
Just enjoying.. the game spirit… Talking skills.. a Street approach.. no offence..

This need not be a generation gap altogether.. it maybe a economic gap in the same generation…

The guy in the first story..
Ends up his search trying to belong somewhere… And then later on identifying himself and going on his path avoiding the influences…
Lacks the game spirit.. the Street approach..


Money can again be a very potent thing in changing your brain circuits….
That is something you need…
The sources may vary.. money being the reward…

If your family did not have anything at all.. and u struggled to survive.. by all means possible.. you end up having the reward pathway deep down in your brains…

Emotions being another reward!
When you are asked to solve some puzzle and u get lot of appreciation if you do.. and you do it for a considerable amount of time… Will CREATE A ANALYST LIKE ME!

When you are asked to Memorize Something and you are appreciated on it… You know what u end up being! That’s another art no disrespect!

Every decision you make has
Is a Balance..
In your circuit EGO
Synthesized over time by your CHILD ANIMAL brain ID and the DOS and Don’t of the society called as SUPEREGO…

If you try to go into one of them into your child mind and SUPEREGO separately u may get a dual personality.. been there done that!


It is Only through Conscious efforts when ‘How much does getting something matter to you’ and you can break Your society SUPEREGO rules and achieve it!


Maybe there is another way to achieve it!
Your subconscious! Where you see and feel you have already achieved it and the universe conspires to get it to your Conscious mind..!

Well beautiful right?
I know I have been switching topics a lot here!! I will try to get better with time!

A note on Cancer!

U smoked once and your lung cells be like.. okay let’s get rid of the tar..

They proliferate engulf.. and then apoptise (programmed cell death)..

U face a problem.. at some point u’ll deal with it get rid of it and come back to balance..

Let’s say you are poor.. you get in the wrong things.. u do everything u can to survive..
U reach a stable life.. but u are so used to what u do.. that u don’t apoptise.. or come back to balance.. but u get greedy then..
U cut off your P-53s BRCAs and your conscience..
Coz cmon u faced something u didn’t deserve and u did what u had to.. or u decide to make others face the same stuff…

Boo.. you are not different from the cells you are made of.. you are a CANCER now.. and then u proliferate and metastasize..

By now u know what this is about..

Well this is about how not to be a cancer or not get it..!


Now in a similar way.. when your lung cells who secure your lungs come across survival..
They proliferate and later they start loving their dominance.. they loose their conscience in the mode of survival.. and endanger lives of other cells.. once after capturing the local areas they want to capture the whole body..

Your police immune cells always act against these cells to a level.. but there was a time when they needed these cells to control the situation..
And the time when these cancer cells got out of control and loved their dominance..

Well sometimes the police may turn into a cancer when the governing authority stops keeping a check.. like the bone marrow..

Different people and cells have different levels of conscience your anticarcinogenic Gene or mechanisms..
They can hit their fuses at varied times.. specially when they are alone..

So stop making your lung cells die.. or injure them.. so that there is this one cell left fighting in alveoli and in the mode of survival and protecting others it proliferates to something monstrous..


Greed will lead to cancer..
Survive for sure.. but live and feel content when you get over the situations..
It’s easier to handle situations when u are a cancer is true.. but then u jeopardize others to get into a survival mode.. and then there’s an infinite loop!